Do you feel constantly tired, worrying about everything, suffer with palpitations or just want to run away from life?

York Stress Therapy with Angie could help you to take back control of your life.

Have you been in any of the armed forces? Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or combat stress?

Do you sleep well each night, getting 7 or more hours sleep?

Do you constantly feel drained, have no energy and you have gained or lost weight?

We live in a world of stress, trying to cram so much into 24 hours. We work longer hours, we become anxious about unpaid bills, troublesome children or teens or work deadlines. Moving house, getting married or divorced are probably the biggest causes of stress in anyone’s life.

Stress is one of the biggest causes for people having time off work in the UK. If you are stressed, your body releases the stress hormone Cortisol, you have higher levels in a morning and it is at it’s lowest level at night.

Cortisol is important and helpful as part of our body’s response to stress, it is also important for your body to relax so you bodily functions can return to normal.  If you are constantly stressed higher levels of Cortisol in the bloodstream can suppress thyroid function, cause imbalances in blood sugar, high blood pressure, your immunity function is lower, an increase in abdominal fat – associated with heart attacks, strokes among other things. Cortisol can also interfere with your memory and learning.

You need to recognise what triggers your stress and use stress management techniques, perhaps make lifestyle changes to keep your body from reacting to stress the way it has done in the past.  We are all different in how we react to stress.

Do you recognise that you may need help?

I can help you with stress therapy in York. Hypnotherapy sessions with me can help you to learn coping strategies, remain calm and in control on a daily basis.  You can make the right kind of lifestyle changes to be healthy and fit and enjoy your life.  Learning self hypnosis is a great way to deal with stress.

By being proactive rather than reactive can help you take back control.  Regular physical exercise can release your aggression, increase your self confidence and lower your levels of Cortisol and stop that increase of abdominal fat.

You can start reducing your stress levels today by being more organised, being more active and try to look at things positively.  If you ignore stress, guess what happens – you create more stress and the cycle goes on.

Get in touch with me now to find out more about Anxiety and Stress Therapy in York and how I can help you learn to relax and take control.